Creativity Is The New Kid In The Block

Growing up as children, we would never fail to miss any festivity or party that was happening anywhere at any time, as it was something to look forward to. We always enjoyed having to dress up and put on a pretty dress with the lacy shoes, too. And how could we ever forget the much awaited party games with the prizes for us all? Ah, childhood was such a simple, splendid time, yet we couldn’t wait to grow up and be adults. In fact, during the latter stages of our childhood, we would spend most of our time trying to put on makeup, put on our mother’s or sister’s clothes and shoes, parade around the house for everyone to see. Everything was like a mini fashion show, or photo shoot, because even our mother’s loved to dress us up in our best clothes and take many pictures, while some of us happily posed, others would howl and cry out of impatience, because they just wanted to get it over with. Now, as adults, we’re forever reminiscing about our childhood and the memories we made, because it was pretty good.

And then everything changed as we all grew up into teenagers, another interesting time as we’re always trying to hide our feelings, and incredibly moody 24/7, which most people say is just a phase; it may be true in some cases, who knows. As teenagers it was very difficult to decide what we were going to do once we left school, sad that we were going to have to go separate ways from the friends we’ve hung out with since early childhood.

We say we’ll keep in touch for sure, and we do, but after some time we lose contact as they have their lives and we live ours, and they eventually end up being contacts in our contact list. We then have to think about our careers, which is a very important decision, as it may determine how we spend the rest of our lives. The art and literature stream seems like a good choice, as we have the opportunity to be creative, using bunting flags to decorate our rooms, to make it look more colourful.

On the other hand, not all of us have the same likes, as we’re all unique individuals, and some us might end up manufacturing custom printed rolls. The choices we make while we’re young are a definite contributing fact as to how we’ll end up spending the rest of our lives.